The heart behind our volunteers

When it comes to ministry here at HSM, we have a simple formula that we have seen work over and over and over again. Here it is:

A caring adult + a high school student = good stuff!

That’s it. It’s not magic, and it’s certainly not algebraic. We know that when a caring adult is involved in the life of HSM students, good stuff happens. Will you consider being one of those caring adults? Our team would love to have you join us! We have three primary roles that allow for various levels of involvement: Life Group leaders, weekend leaders, and special event leaders.

Life Group Leader

A Life Group leader is an HSM small group leader. Life Groups meet once a week throughout the school year in homes, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, for two hours. Meeting times are comprised of Bible study, relational connection, and prayer time. A typical group is made up of 10 students (grade and gender specific) and 2 leaders who co-lead the group each week. You will be provided with curriculum for the Bible studies, leader training before groups launch, and ongoing training throughout the year.

REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least one full year out of high school, and if you are not 21 years of age, your co-leader must be over that age.

Weekend Leader

Weekend leaders serve at one or more of HSM’s weekend services. Responsibilities include sitting with students, welcoming new people, praying for students and showing enthusiasm for the weekend program.

REQUIREMENTS: You must be a full year out of high school or older to be a weekend leader.

Special Events Leader

HSM puts on events for students all throughout the year, from beach days to dodgeball tournaments to summer camp. Special events leaders serve at these events in many different capacities, such as set up, tear down, and most importantly, hanging out with students!

REQUIREMENTS: You must be a full year out of high school or older to be an event leader.

“Sign me up!”

Awesome! We are so excited that you love high schoolers as much as we do.
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