Registration for camp is now closed, please contact to join the wait list or with questions

HSM Summer Camp is without a doubt the greatest HSM event of every year!

Every year students need sponsors to help fund their way to camp.
If you would like to donate you can send a check to HSM c/o Alaina Hart with the
church address or email alaina hart at for more info.

Summer Camp is a week filled with fun, friends, and faith. We play crazy games that you won’t find anywhere else! From Slip-n’-Slide Kickball to some-crazy-noodle-game-that-got-super-intense-and-we-probably won’t-be-playing-again-this-year, the Rec Games at HSM Summer Camp are out of this world. The best friendships are the ones that are forged when you’re stuck in a cabin together
and you stay up til 2 am because you can’t stop laughing. At HSM camp, you will GUARANTEED
make new friends and have the time of your life. And stats don’t lie, 68% of cabins end up sticking together and become Life Groups for the rest of the year. Incredible speakers, motivating videos, passionate worship, renewed faith: HSM Summer Camp is a time to hear from God and set up your year for success. Almost every student testimony shared in HSM this past year has referenced Summer Camp as a turning point in their lives.God uses Summer Camp every year to change lives. Don’t miss out.