Jason Pogue

High School Pastor

Jason has been on staff at Saddleback Church for more than 13 years serving in a variety of roles. He finally landed on the HSM team, where God has wanted him all along, and he couldn’t be more thrilled! He loves Jesus, his wife, all things San Diego, and his three kids – but not necessarily in that order!

Travis Prouty


Travis has been involved in youth ministry for over 8 years! He has a heartfelt passion for photoshopping his friends’ heads onto things, scoring game-winning shots, and teaching his tiny son Dane important things, such as why The Emperor’s New Groove deserved an Oscar but was cruelly snubbed.

Jono Mullins

Adult Volunteer Coordinator

Jono graduated from Trinity International University in 2014, where he played football and served at his church’s youth group. After getting a taste of high school ministry in college, he came on staff with HSM in 2015 and loves seeing high school students fall in love with Jesus. He loves the San Diego Chargers & playing Uno.

Heather Leith

Life Groups/Communication

Heather fell in love with youth ministry when she did a summer internship with HSM as a college student. She got her degree in communication studies from Biola University in 2014 and has worked at HSM ever since! #bestjobever. She loves finding typos, imitating singers, and drinking coconut lattes.

Christine Dailey

Events Coordinator

Growing up, Christine found Wildside & High School Ministry as her second home. She recently graduated from Pepperdine University and is living the dream being able to hang with high school students! Her pastimes are Grey’s Anatomy, Golden Spoon and any type of board game. 

Jordan Gunderson

Team Admin

Jordan has been attending Saddleback since she was 4 years old. Working in youth ministry had been in the back of her mind since being a JHM intern. She’s been on the HSM team since Nov. 2015 and thinks it’s the best job ever! Jordan loves black coffee, Harry Potter, and not playing sports.

Brittan Snell

Local/Global PEACE

Before joining HSM staff Brittan worked at the Rancho campus. She graduated from Chapman & while she had no plans to go into ministry, God clearly did & she’s enjoying every minute of it! She loves iced coffee, country concerts, car karaoke & helping connect students to Jesus through serving.

Cody Adams

Student Leadership

Cody is a Chicago native looking for an endless summer. He was previously a youth pastor in the Windy City and has made it his life’s mission to hang out with high schoolers! He loves his wife Rachel, his dog Bella & playing the guitar…but the real key to his heart is coffee and tortilla chips.