Ready to lead?


Weekend Leaders

Weekend leaders serve at one or more of HSM’s weekend services. Responsibilities include helping to "set the table" so-to-speak for students to encounter Jesus. This could look like sitting with students, welcoming newcomers, praying for students during response times, and having an enthusiastic spirit for the weekend program!


Life Group Leaders

A Life Group leader is an HSM small group leader. Life Groups meet once a week throughout the year in homes, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Meeting times are comprised of Bible study, relational connection, and prayer time. A typical group is made up of 10 students (grade and gender specific) and 2 leaders who co-lead the group each week. 


*please note, to serve with us in either capacity, you must be at least one full year out of high school. If you are a life group leader and are not 21 years of age, we will require that you be paired up with someone over that age.

We are so excited that you love high schoolers as much as we do! If you have any questions, feel free to email Emma at


Click here to access the SSM leader application