It’s the New Year, which means fresh starts, new habits, and the best you! Want to read the bible more this year? Or, do you want a new plan, but don’t know where to start? Try one of these! You can read through the whole bible this year, just the New Testament, or do a topical study on Peace, Love, and Trust.


Follow easy steps to make your devotional time even more awesome!

  1. Start with prayer. Praying before you read opens up our hearts, eyes, and ears, to hear what God may want to speak to you.

  2. Pick a time. Timing is everything. Pick a time when you’re most free and least distracted. Then do your best to read the same time every day.

  3. Pick a place. Pick a place where you are most at peace and least distracted. Then try and read in the same place each day.

  4. Disconnect. Put your phone on airplane mode or “do not disturb.” Also, try not to listen to music. The point is to disconnect from the noise, buzzing, and social updates. Trust us, the world won’t end in those 20 minutes.

  5. Follow a plan. There’s no right formula to reading the bible, just that you read it! Follow a realistic plan that fits your schedule. If you get behind, don’t let the guilt pile up, just jump back on board!

  6. Write your questions down! The bible can be confusing, and that’s ok! Every time you’re confused, it’s a chance to learn something. Don’t let questions distract you. Write them down and ask a parent, a pastor, or a friend about them later!

  7. Find a friend. Finding a friend to do it with can help you stay on track! Simply share this QR code with them and read it together!